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I’m back after a long hiatus. Here’s why I was gone, plus Nouvelle Etude 1 and bits of Op. 25 4, 6 and 11.

Sounding worse to sound better; balancing freedom and control; dealing with sneaky negative thoughts; a ninja practice technique that has me drowning in office supplies. Also 25/7 from memory, bits of 25/11, 25/10, and 10/1. Listen to the end for a special hundredth episode it notes photo

Listening to the inner cheerleader and judge; walking the line between freedom/expression and control/accuracy; remembering an inspiring lady; getting ready for a lesson; a triage order for the places in the etudes that need the most help, including a desperately wounded 10/2; a nice surprise about  25/3 and 25/3.


Bits of a dozen etudes; some ruminating on art vs. craft, Apollo vs. Dionysus, and emoting vs. actually getting anything done. Plus an unapologetically (well, mostly unapologetic) cheezy improv.


episode 11

In which:

A failed version of 10/2 (and some thoughts about why); newly discovered notes in 25/12;  a new strategy for 10/7; 10/4 as a rhythm meta-etude; a painfully slow before version of 10/11; and a thought about balancing days.

Recorded February 19, 2011

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