These times are good for practicing, as I texted a student today.

In this episode: an insight about Chopin thanks to Pauline Viardot, with bits of mazurkas by both of them. Also a look at some small hand workarounds in Lili Boulanger with some moments of improvised practicing in Boulanger and Rachmaninov. And a report on a concertgoing activity that brought me great joy.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


I’ve been reading through lots of music, “shopping” for pieces for a solo recital. Bits and pieces of those, and thoughts about putting together a program, and a possible title (tell me what you think of it–I need to know if it’s terrible). Plus a play-through of Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu Op. 66, with way too many improvised ornaments.

Almost done reading through Beethoven sonatas, Volume 2; some thoughts on hearing auditions; ornamenting Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu (and a glass-half-full report on a lackluster performance of it); the most obvious epiphany in the world, involving a moment with Led Zeppelin, with a shout-out to @yogawithadriene

Thank you for being my practice buddy!




Hey, Practice Buddies! It’s a new decade and the podcast is back. Today, some Beethoven sonatas, a little Chopin and, as always, some thoughts on imperfection…





I’m uploading this one late–I recorded it in September, but have been having technical difficulties. If you have opinions about the sound quality of this one compared to earlier ones, I’d love to hear from you!

Bach, Jurnickova, and some thoughts on improvisation

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