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I’m back after a long hiatus. Here’s why I was gone, plus Nouvelle Etude 1 and bits of Op. 25 4, 6 and 11.

On crafting a summer schedule and delving into Chopin etudes 25/1,2,5, and 6, plus a really nice melody by Muczynski.

A report on how practicing Chopin helped me play Brahms last week; some quotes from Chopin (and one from Chuck Close); thinking through my next performance (with a request for your ideas); snippets of all 24 etudes (I’m ignoring the other three for now); an impromptu play-through, with some yelling, of 10/5; how I’m practicing 10/11 (and a couple of minutes of actual practicing).

Thanks so much to listeners who have written reviews on iTunes. Unless I get 100 reviews by December 20–and it doesn’t yet look like I will–there will be only five more episodes of this podcast. Thanks for being my practice buddy!


Chopin 25/6 goes on the shelf; a weird practice week; the key to 10/6 (maybe); adding a new etude.


Thinking about freedom vs. structure and how to practice; some new practice habits; a (still rough) attempt at Chopin 25/6; and a meta moment or two.

Also, this book and this one.


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