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Thoughts on the difference between practice and rehearsal; the exact physical motions of 10/2 in way too much detail; a theory geek moment in 10/4; two promises about next week’s practice.


Thinking about the thumbs in most of the Chopin etudes; moments of mindfulness; the tricky bits of 25/7.


Chopin 25/6 goes on the shelf; a weird practice week; the key to 10/6 (maybe); adding a new etude.


A small triumphant moment that proves these etudes are making me a better player; a resolution kept; grinding it out in 25/6, including a really nerdy plan; the state of 25/8, the danger of practicing 25/4 and 25/9 together.

Also, if you’re near the California Central Coast the weekend of February 12th, come hear me and say hello!


Report on New Year’s Resolutions; attempts at Chopin etudes 10/12, 25/1, 25/5, and a before version of 25/6 (with some yelling).


New Year’s Resolutions; a sloppy version of the Revolutionary etude; taking stock, with the first few measures of all the Chopin etudes I’ve worked on so far; run-throughs of 25/1, 25/5 and 25/6, with plans for them; ii-V-I patterns.


How to practice Op. 25 no. 1; tiny epiphanies in 25 no. 3; playing versus practicing in 25 no. 6; getting away with something by practicing jazz ii-V-is; an improv with scope for improvement.


Chopin etudes 25/3 and 25/5 in (probably excruciating) detail; seeking the right tempo for the winter wind etude; a start on the harp etude (25/1).


Why I can’t practice without my phone; strategies for Chopin 25/3; most of the left hand, and the first page, of 25/11; plans for 25/5; quotes about Liszt (look at him!); some great ideas from this terrific jazz pianist, leading to a plan that will surprise no one; an attempt at the blues.

pias 40

episode 14

In which:

A report on an informal house concert; why it’s hard to practice on vacation; last 10/7 before it goes on the shelf for a few weeks; early days in 10/11; the scariest measure in 10/10; beginning 10/8, and finding it strangely familiar.

Recorded March 19, 2011

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