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The podcast is starting up again! Featuring 25/11 and 10/2, with only a little screaming.


A glimpse into my hoped-for warm-up of the future, when I’ll be able to play all of Op. 10 and then play anything else in the world. Including 10/8, about half of 10/1, and with-screaming versions of 10/2, 10/10 and 10/7.

In Boston this Saturday? Why not come to my concert?

A small triumphant moment that proves these etudes are making me a better player; a resolution kept; grinding it out in 25/6, including a really nerdy plan; the state of 25/8, the danger of practicing 25/4 and 25/9 together.

Also, if you’re near the California Central Coast the weekend of February 12th, come hear me and say hello!


Practicing in little bits, at tempo; why Chopin etudes are like yoga poses; memorized versions of most of 25/3, 25/5, and 25/11 (with some screaming); a slightly Halloweeny improvisation.


Some thoughts on two very different performances from last week; concentrating on Opus 25: bits of some other Chopin etudes, a plan for 5, 9, and 3, and a promise about 11. Also some improv.

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