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Report on a couple of performances of Op. 10 and the first half of Op. 25, with bits of most of them.

I’m changing the podcast to be every month rather than every two weeks; right now I don’t feel like I can afford the time to record and edit it every two weeks. If you feel strongly that you miss it and need to hear it more often, let me know, and I’ll reconsider as soon as I can. For now, I’ll record the next episode next week on September 18.

92: Tin Pan Alley Preview

A report on last week’s recording session, including maintaining a feeling of gratitude while recording; a few Tin Pan Alley tunes;on returning to practicing Chopin.

Tunes played here include “Whippoorwill,” “My Little Ever Lovin’ Sugar Babe,” “He’d Have to Get Under–Get Out And Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile),” and “Twilight.” To the best of my knowledge, they’re all public domain.

I’ll post a link here when the CD gets released.

A performing first, a new piano, and a newly quiet office (because of noise for now).

Plus snippets of all of Op. 10 and some Op. 25.

They’re soundproofing the room next to my office, which is wonderful news (it’s where the gamelan rehearses), but it means there’s lots of banging and motor sounds for a couple of days. I’ll resume the podcast next week, when I can hear myself think in there.

A report on a performance of six of the etudes from Op. 10, with a little bit of coughing.

A brief encounter with an out-of-tune Erard piano (and another piano). Warning: questionable sound quality! horrible intonation!


I played this after teaching Chopin, and playing the game “he could have written this, but he wrote this” (which forms the bulk of my improvisation training up to now).

01-30-13 after teaching Chopin


I played this after strangely enjoying scraping ice off my windshield during freezing rain. It was satisfying when it came off in big sheets.

Today it’s sunny and warm and yesterday’s cold feels like a hallucination.

01-28-13 freezing rain

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